It is obvious that by now have noticed that I support 100% the diffusion of e-books, but this frightens many publishers "classic." However, I do not want paper books will disappear, much less, have been part of our culture since the Middle Ages and certainly has its benefits, but the technology does not go in vain. We must accept that too. So I think it was time to accelerate the shift of support from our culture, from paper to electronic support. This change is gradual and no doubt will happen, if not already doing.

Here are some benefits of electronic books that I think make them indispensable in our times of abundance of information:

The books need not predate electronic trees.

. Electronic books can be loaded into BrailleNote and PocketPC systems, computers with Mac and Windows, depending on the product.

· There are available textbooks and reference material.

The books and portable electronics are cheaper than printed.

• The reading software is free.

The books can be ordered and electronic "download" (copy) online and charged to a credit card, no need to wait for shipping.

. They take up less space. You can carry your entire library in your pocket, and have several LIBRARY.

. The technology of electronic books is allowing the development of better tools for people with disabilities, such as automatic reading aloud to the blind, Braille-mail, etc.

. As technology is becoming increasingly better and cheaper, portable devices for reading electronic books such as PDAs (personal digital assistants) or PALM, are becoming more versatile and affordable to more people.

. You can make plenty of notes, comments and references without damaging the book.

. You can create links to and from your own book.

. Read more interactive way, because with sound, graphics, links, etc.

And do not be surprised if later we have more benefits.

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